Dirt Floor Studios is the combined studio space and platform for artists Justin Sutera and Silene DeCiucies. Justin and Silene live in Northern Vermont where they recently built their combined studio and home. Justin and Silene work together to harvest and prepare materials and always hope to bring the natural world around them into a happy and art-filled life. Please use the contact page to get in touch concerning special orders, workshop requests or any other inquiries.  Work can be purchased through the Dirtfloorstudios etsy page, special order, or at intermittent craft shows that will be advertised on this website. Thank you for taking time time to peruse the site, it is a work in progress!


Justin Sutera

Wilderness Craftsman


Justin Sutera is a nature connection mentor, wilderness skills instructor, healer, and craftsman. He studied Conservation Biology in undergraduate, and outside of formal school has studied at the Tracker School and Wilderness Fusion. Justin is particularly passionate about natural basketry, as well as bow making. If he's not in the studio crafting he's likely out in the woods tracking, wandering, or hunting. 

Silene DeCiucies



Silene is a soil scientist as well as potter, and it turns out these two professions go together quite nicely. She is primarily self-taught, and has apprenticed with several potters including Renata Wadsworth, Julie Crosby, and Liz Lurie. She aspires to bring simple, elegant art into everyday life through her work which is why she loves the gentle nuance of reduction-cooled surfaces. Silene is finishing her wood kiln and looks forward to firing it in the spring. 

Dirt floor studios

The name for Silene and Justin's collective studio has very literal roots. They both started their artistic careers while living in a small cabin in Newfield NY that had a dirt floor porch where both artists created lots of pots and baskets. 

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