Hello Friends and Family!

Welcome to our wedding page! We plan to post updates on this site as we get closer to the date as well as information for finding a place to stay in the area and other odds and ends. Sorry we didn't make a fancy wedding website... we figured since we already had a website, we may as well save some internet space.


We can't wait to have you over to our land in September.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with either of us via phone or email with any questions. 


Silene and Justin


Basic Info

The ceremony will be held at 4pm on September 12, 2020 with reception to follow. Both will be held on our land (1108 Tallman Road, Elmore Vermont) but parking will be limited so we may have folks park elsewhere and have a shuttle for you. We will supply more parking information as we get closer to the date. 

Please wear shoes (and clothes) that are comfortable for walking on uneven ground. We will have rides for those who need it, but for everyone else, there is a 1/4 mile walk to the ceremony site. 

RSVP via email or phone to Silene or Justin so that we can plan accordingly. Please do so as soon as possible so that we may attempt to stay sane in this planning process. silenedee@gmail.com justinsutera@gmail.com

Hotels: If you are travelling from out of town and looking for a hotel, the nearest town is Morrisville, but has limited facilities. Stowe and Montpelier are both half an hour away and have many hotels to choose from. Burlington (nearest airport) is 1 hour away and will have even more options. 


AirBnB: If you'd rather stay in an airbnb type option, there are many to choose from very close to where we live. Towns to search in: Elmore, Wolcott, Hardwick, Worcester, Stowe, Morrisville, Hyde Park, Johnson. We encourage you to book ahead and stay with family and friends so that carpooling is an option.  Click this button to start your search: 

Camping: If, like us, you like to rough it, Elmore state park is right in the neighborhood and has tent sites and lean-tos. The campground is right next to Lake Elmore and Elmore Mountain. Again, book ahead!  You are also welcome to pitch a tent on our property the night of the wedding, but we don't have many facilities!

Gifts: First of all, you really don't have to give us a gift. You are all gifting us with our lovely presence. However, if you wish to give a gift, seeing as we have nowhere to put anything, we request that you contribute to our house fund, so that we can finish it up and have fancy things like toilets and maybe even a shower.  

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